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Kelly O’Neil is on a mission to disrupt the status quo and re-write the rules of entrepreneurship to help entrepreneurs just like you create a high profit and high freedom businesses on your terms. Profit-preneurs are re-writing the rules for entrepreneurial business success in how they operate and scale their businesses, make more money, and design their businesses to give them more unplugged time in the process. Each week join Kelly O'Neil for insightful and candid interviews with the most brilliant business minds, celebrity influencers, and fellow Profit-preneurs who are disrupting the status quo that will leave you inspired to re-write the rules in your own business.
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      ●     How specialization can help you reach more of the right people.
      ●     Are the cobbler’s children wearing Prada? Find out how this applies to your business.
      You can listen to the interview here: https://apple.co/2uOIOn8 And if you enjoyed it, please leave a review and let us know what part made the biggest impact! Also, while you are there, make sure you subscribe to the Profit-ology Podcast to get access to all of the new interviews she’s doing! 

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  • Listen to this inspirational Profit-ology™ Podcast [KO1]  with Kelly O’Neil...
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    ●     Why Podcasting is the new networking.●     Why downloads and sponsorships are the last thing you should be concerned about when it comes to your podcast.●     My weekly podcast formula.●     How I choose which guests to put on my show. [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887/episodes/12f8aaaa-cf17-11e9-8ce4-bb02a61fb54f/stripped_bf686ddeaa5852e7db4bcc3fe4c63648.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3437570065.mp3 [size] => 27242579 [duration] => 1702.66 [uid] => CSN3437570065 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887 [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887/episodes/12f8aaaa-cf17-11e9-8ce4-bb02a61fb54f/id3/fbd39f537d1f3eea9ffb1af7412b6836.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 246175 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Eastern Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => Matt Johnson (edited).mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Listen to this inspirational Profit-ology Podcast episode with Matt Johnson...
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    – Profit-ology™ Podcast Episode 016 with Kelly O’Neil

    Paula Rizzo is an Emmy award winning television producer. She's a best-selling author and a media trainer and strategist. She was a former senior health producer for Fox News Channel for more than a decade and she's produced segments with a range of top experts including JJ Virgin, a good friend of mine, Jillian Michaels, and Deepak Chopra. She's been a media veteran for nearly 20 years and worked in local news in New York City as a producer for WCBS, WPIX, and WLNY.
    She works with experts and executives around the world to help them perform better on camera and to get the attention of the media and hold it for a sustainable period of time.

    Listen to this inspirational Profit-ology Podcast episode with Paula Rizzo and discover:

    ●       The biggest mistake business owners make when trying to get media attention for their company.●       Three elements to the perfect media pitch.●       How to use advertisers to tell you what shows are a match for your offerings.

    Links Mentioned

    Connect with Paula

    Get your FREE copy of her checklist to become a go-to media expert at https://www.paularizzo.com/checklist

    Website: https://www.paularizzo.com

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ListProducer/

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/listproducer

    Instagram: @listproducer


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  • Paula Rizzo, Emmy award winning television producer, best-selling author, and...
  • Array ( [id] => 3aa806f6-aeea-11e9-961b-27fdcdf49b53 [createdAt] => 2019-07-25T07:41:04.101-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-08-19T09:00:32.057-07:00 [title] => Disrupting the Pain Medication Market: The Mission Of The Pain Free For Life Movement [pubdate] => 2019-07-17T06:00:00.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/3aa806f6-aeea-11e9-961b-27fdcdf49b53/image/Profit-ology-Podcast_rob-vanbergen_015.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => with Rob Vanbergen [summary] => Rob Vanbergen, Creator of Pain Free For Life
    – Profit-ology™ Podcast Episode 015 with Kelly O’Neil

    As a child, Rob suffered from both debilitating anxiety and extensive scoliosis issues. After experiencing the healing properties of The Hache Protocol™, Rob joined his parents – Dr. John and Dr. Lorry Hache – at Pacific Health Options. He is now devoting his professional life to educating people about the effectiveness of natural pain management methods in relieving pain and anxiety and initiating healing in the body.
    Rob is a veteran instructor on the use of the Hache Protocol for Pain Resolution ™ and is in the process of obtaining his Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine.
    Listen to this inspirational Profit-ology Podcast episode with Rob Vanbergen and discover:
    ● How his childhood health issues lead him to leading a movement to end chronic pain for 1.5 Billion people
    ● What the five key elements are to achieve a pain free life
    ● How the Pain Free Life brand developed from its incredible strategy

    Links Mentioned

    Connect with Rob
    Get a free special report on inflammation: the hidden source of chronic pain at: https://www.thehacheprotocol.com/inflammation-special-report
    Website https://painfreeforlife.com/
    Facebook https://www.facebook.com/OfficialPainFreeForLife/
    Instagram @officialpainfreeforlife [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887/episodes/3aa806f6-aeea-11e9-961b-27fdcdf49b53/stripped_925faf04e8be720337b8036ba8eaefeb.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN2333749623.mp3 [size] => 31963010 [duration] => 1997.69 [uid] => CSN2333749623 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/07/2019/8fe868da1e614f4ca717afb3d181889b.mp3 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887 [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887/episodes/3aa806f6-aeea-11e9-961b-27fdcdf49b53/id3/f7b0ca93643729b032ef49241c77abfb.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 54704 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/?p=146653 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Rob Vanbergen, Creator of Pain Free For Life – Profit-ology™...
  • Array ( [id] => 3b43eaf8-aeea-11e9-961b-435756a14ac6 [createdAt] => 2019-07-25T07:41:05.125-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-08-19T09:00:32.651-07:00 [title] => From Overworked to CEO: How to Step Out of the Day to Day Operations and Scale Your Business [pubdate] => 2019-07-10T06:00:00.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/3b43eaf8-aeea-11e9-961b-435756a14ac6/image/Profit-ology-Podcast_stacy-tuschl_014.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => with Stacy Tuschl [summary] => Stacy Tuschl started her first business at the age of 18 in her parents' backyard and turned that company into a 7 figure business she still runs today. She is a marketing strategist, bestselling author, and the creator of Foot Traffic Podcast & Community where she helps small business owners get more customers through the door and more profit
    in their pocket!
    Listen to this inspirational Profit-ology Podcast episode with Stacy Tuschl and discover:
    ● How she started a business as a teenager and turned it into a multi-location, multi-million dollar business.
    ● Why if you are the CEO of your business, you can’t be cleaning the bathrooms.
    ● Discover if you are being a helicopter CEO, and how to get your business to run without you.

    Links Mentioned

    Connect with Stacy
    Take the Revenue Blocks Revealed quiz at her website at https://www.stacytuschl.com
    Website https://www.stacytuschl.com
    Facebook https://www.facebook.com/stacytuschl
    Twitter https://twitter.com/stacytuschl
    Instagram @stacytuschl [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887/episodes/3b43eaf8-aeea-11e9-961b-435756a14ac6/stripped_dd878dba57099348795c1710f6c7a921.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN7616401576.mp3 [size] => 28834168 [duration] => 1802.14 [uid] => CSN7616401576 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/07/2019/8ebb9c99fad18d1f8b5c187427b58f3d.mp3 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887 [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887/episodes/3b43eaf8-aeea-11e9-961b-435756a14ac6/id3/9b801c859c34ae8b5729f8422556ddeb.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 54064 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/?p=146652 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Stacy Tuschl started her first business at the age of...
  • Array ( [id] => 3bd929f6-aeea-11e9-961b-977125932f02 [createdAt] => 2019-07-25T07:41:06.105-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-08-19T09:00:33.246-07:00 [title] => The Seven Figure Revenue Stream You May Be Overlooking [pubdate] => 2019-07-03T06:00:00.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/3bd929f6-aeea-11e9-961b-977125932f02/image/Profit-ology-Podcast_kelly-roach_013.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => with Kelly Roach [summary] => Kelly Roach is known as THE BUSINESS CATALYST, helping elite business owners become game changers in their field and achieve million dollar breakthroughs in their business.
    – Profit-ology™ Podcast Episode 013 with Kelly O’Neil

    Kelly Roach is known as THE BUSINESS CATALYST, helping elite business owners become game changers in their field and achieve million dollar breakthroughs in their business.

    As a former Fortune 500 executive who built and led record-breaking teams in 17 locations around the US, Kelly's programs and consulting encompass billion dollar corporate strategies combined with the speed and agility of the most powerful online strategies of today.

    Kelly is a featured expert on ABC, NBC, Fox, the CW and in some of the world's leading publications such as Inc. and Forbes where she shares the principles of her best-selling books and host of top 100 Marketing and Management podcast, Unstoppable Success Radio.

    Listen to this inspirational Profit-ology Podcast episode with Kelly Roach and discover:
    ● Are you checking a box or building an empire? Find out what it means for your business and how to make the switch
    ● Why if you aren’t serving your heart out on social media, you don’t have a business
    ● How to turn social selling into a seven-figure revenue stream.

    Links Mentioned

    Connect with Kelly
    Website http://kellyroachcoaching.com/
    Facebook http://facebook.com/kellyroachinternational/
    Twitter http://twitter.com/kellyroachint
    Instagram @kellyroachofficial [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887/episodes/3bd929f6-aeea-11e9-961b-977125932f02/stripped_c6849a3c507d0bf8d1209fe75b46028f.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN4070129760.mp3 [size] => 27996995 [duration] => 1749.81 [uid] => CSN4070129760 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/07/2019/b75576dceede9fec5d16777baaefdddc.mp3 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887 [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887/episodes/3bd929f6-aeea-11e9-961b-977125932f02/id3/529b939d6ebfa325499411a61484ad57.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 54956 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/?p=146314 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Kelly Roach is known as THE BUSINESS CATALYST, helping elite...
  • Array ( [id] => 3c96ede2-aeea-11e9-961b-d79a210ca2b1 [createdAt] => 2019-07-25T07:41:07.348-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-08-19T09:00:33.772-07:00 [title] => Identify Your Parent-Driven Management Style [pubdate] => 2019-06-26T06:00:00.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/3c96ede2-aeea-11e9-961b-d79a210ca2b1/image/Profit-ology-Podcast_debra-maldonado_012.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => with Debra Maldonado [summary] => Debra Maldonado is the CEO and co-founder of The Center of Self Development, a
    personal development company offering life coach training, mentoring and continuing
    education for women.

    Debra is the author of Let Love In: Open Your Heart & Mind to Attract Your Ideal Partner
    (Wiley) and has been featured by ABC News, ABC Radio Network, FOX News, NBC News,
    Cosmopolitan, Natural Health, Publisher’s Weekly, The Huffington Post, a regular columnist
    for INC.com and more.

    Along with her husband and partner, Dr. Rob Maldonado (a psychologist) they developed a
    personal transformational system based on Carl Jung’s individuation process, neuroscience
    and Eastern Wisdom traditions especially designed for women. Their mission is to elevate
    the personal development industry to offer deeper transformation in a coaching model for
    high-achieving women who want to reach their full potential without fixing themselves.
    Listen to this inspirational Profit-ology Podcast episode with Debra Maldonado and discover:
    ● What the biggest obstacle standing between you and the success you want in the world is

    ● How the two types of mothers affect your leadership style

    ● Why you are misperceiving reality and how it’s affecting your business

    Links Mentioned
    Connect with Debra
    Website https://www.debianddrrob.com/
    Facebook https://www.facebook.com/thecenterofjpp
    Twitter https://twitter.com/thecenterofjpp
    Instagram https://www.instagram.com/thecenterofjpp/ [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887/episodes/3c96ede2-aeea-11e9-961b-d79a210ca2b1/stripped_af8ae892b3cabc95ab7995faca2fa7f1.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3790199856.mp3 [size] => 24417645 [duration] => 1744.12 [uid] => CSN3790199856 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/06/2019/b7ba78b59c7d8e087924046de16a08ec.mp3 [bitrate] => 112 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887 [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887/episodes/3c96ede2-aeea-11e9-961b-d79a210ca2b1/id3/ef3a46586658bb4d33d36ea4db2ef4fa.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 54996 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/?p=145384 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Debra Maldonado is the CEO and co-founder of The Center...
  • Array ( [id] => 3d20c26a-aeea-11e9-961b-b71c868f649d [createdAt] => 2019-07-25T07:41:08.250-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-08-19T09:00:34.264-07:00 [title] => When God Is Your Business Partner: How To Create Energetic Alignment for Extraordinary Success [pubdate] => 2019-06-19T09:00:00.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/3d20c26a-aeea-11e9-961b-b71c868f649d/image/Profit-ology-Podcast_Anna-kitney_011.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => with Anna Kitney [summary] => Anna Kitney is a spiritual consultant to high-performing entrepreneurs and leaders, an international speaker, a Theta Healing® Master Instructor, Practitioner, and Spiritual Life Coach. She is also the CEO of Bourgeon, the UK’s world-renowned Theta Healing® training organization.
    – Profit-ology™ Podcast Episode 011 with Kelly O’Neil

    Anna’s journey really began at age 23 when she attended her first Bob Proctor event, “Born Rich.” That was the beginning, but it wouldn’t be until her mother, an energy healer, helped her uncover the root of some lower back pain that her whole world opened up.
    Anna helps entrepreneurs identify the deepest issue that is holding them back, and then works with them to clear those blockages so that everything magically falls into place.
    Listen to this inspirational Profit-ology Podcast episode with Anna Kitney and discover:
    ● Why what appears to be the issue going on in your business is never truly the real issue

    ● How you are energetically blocking yourself

    ● Where to use God in your life, not just in business

    ● When you are energetically aligned, the profit takes care of itself

    Links Mentioned

    Connect with Anna:
    Free Manifesting with Angels & Ascended Masters Training Video
    Website www.AnnaKitney.com
    Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bourgeontheta
    Instagram @annakitney [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887/episodes/3d20c26a-aeea-11e9-961b-b71c868f649d/stripped_13a1d3f619f082318b140f152c2b19fb.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3387056969.mp3 [size] => 26425417 [duration] => 1887.53 [uid] => CSN3387056969 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/06/2019/1b10e32d246f7de2de86e7c3d1fd6c9f.mp3 [bitrate] => 112 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887 [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887/episodes/3d20c26a-aeea-11e9-961b-b71c868f649d/id3/9aead738399916897458c5eff46930ed.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 54822 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/?p=145246 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Anna Kitney is a spiritual consultant to high-performing entrepreneurs and...
  • Array ( [id] => 3db0fd3a-aeea-11e9-961b-7fd6a9a46b1b [createdAt] => 2019-07-25T07:41:09.199-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-08-19T09:00:34.802-07:00 [title] => Leveraging a Team to Scale Your Business and Podcast [pubdate] => 2019-06-05T09:00:00.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/3db0fd3a-aeea-11e9-961b-7fd6a9a46b1b/image/Profit-ology-Podcast_jessica-rhodes_010.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => with Jessica Rhodes [summary] => Jesica is the founder and equal co-owner of Interview Connections, the first and leading podcast booking agency. The Interview Connections team of Booking Agents are the podcast powerhouses behind many of the record breaking book launches you’ve seen today, with clients such as Ali Brown, JJ Virgin, Perry Marshall, other authors you may know, and numerous PR agencies who hire them for their podcasting savvy and booking skills.
    Listen to this inspirational Profit-ology Podcast episode with Jessica Rhodes and discover:
    ● How my father inspired me to start Interview Connections.
    ● Why a lot of authors now find podcast interviews are producing greater results in their book launches than traditional media.
    ● What a podcast tour is and how it can generate great results for your business.
    Links Mentioned
    Eric Brotman https://interviewconnections.com/?s=eric+brotman
    How To Keep Your Podcast Bookings Organized https://interviewconnections.com/?s=how+to+keep+your+podcast+bookings+organized%2C+
    Connect with Jessica
    Website https://interviewconnections.com/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InterviewConnectionsPage
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/jessrhodesbiz
    Instagram: @interviewconnections [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887/episodes/3db0fd3a-aeea-11e9-961b-7fd6a9a46b1b/stripped_d42b1b36ec7a97955a277d50e4557eed.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3512496638.mp3 [size] => 27999085 [duration] => 1749.94 [uid] => CSN3512496638 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/06/2019/9cf140dc84d0edfd8ba6526806901e51.mp3 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887 [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887/episodes/3db0fd3a-aeea-11e9-961b-7fd6a9a46b1b/id3/d33d1fd3398f4eb2e232581f4d1c97de.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 54378 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/?p=144101 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Jesica is the founder and equal co-owner of Interview Connections,...
  • Array ( [id] => 3e60871e-aeea-11e9-961b-33165431eb99 [createdAt] => 2019-07-25T07:41:10.348-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-08-19T09:00:35.557-07:00 [title] => Why Smart Leaders Sell [pubdate] => 2019-05-29T09:00:00.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/3e60871e-aeea-11e9-961b-33165431eb99/image/l5Profit-ology-Podcast_jessica-lorimer_009.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => with Jessica Lorimer [summary] => Jessica Lorimer launched her business, Smart Leaders Sell, in 2014 and rocketed it to a multi-six figure coaching and consultancy business in less than 3 years. She now teaches her simple *three step sales system* to entrepreneurs who want to learn to sell as individuals with integrity which also helps them rapidly skyrocket their sales success and profit margins.
    Listen to this inspirational Profit-ology Podcast episode with Jessica Lorimer and discover:
    ● Why you are doing people a disservice if you don’t charge them.
    ● Her three-step sales system to grow your business the simple way.
    ● The three styles of buying and how to apply them to your business.

    Links Mentioned
    Connect with Jessica
    Free gift – Lazy launching swipe: 80K in 3 emails or less.
    Website https://www.smartleaderssell.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JessicaLorimerSuccessCoach/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/JessicaLorimer
    Instagram: @jess_lorimer [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887/episodes/3e60871e-aeea-11e9-961b-33165431eb99/stripped_ad9dc4552d11128f551633f3580af2c8.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN4342170834.mp3 [size] => 39030700 [duration] => 1626.28 [uid] => CSN4342170834 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/05/2019/a71a308840486c46f192a02651589211.mp3 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887 [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887/episodes/3e60871e-aeea-11e9-961b-33165431eb99/id3/39c97d911d6cbc457de6445643fcc96a.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 53782 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/?p=143868 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Jessica Lorimer launched her business, Smart Leaders Sell, in 2014...
  • Array ( [id] => 3ee830b0-aeea-11e9-961b-97a93ec90683 [createdAt] => 2019-07-25T07:41:11.234-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-08-19T09:00:36.100-07:00 [title] => Accelerating Gender Equality through Female Entrepreneurship [pubdate] => 2019-05-22T10:37:26.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/3ee830b0-aeea-11e9-961b-97a93ec90683/image/5vProfit-ology-Podcast_sigrun_008.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => with Sigrun Gudjonsdottir [summary] => Sigrun Gudjonsdottir is the leading business mentor for female online entrepreneurs in Europe. She is a TEDx speaker, and the host of the Sigrun Show podcast.

    Despite having zero business background nor the education, she made a life-changing phone call and asked to become the CEO of a software company shortly after finishing her master’s degree in architecture – and she got the job!

    In 2014, another three master’s degrees, and several CEO roles later, Sigrun started her online business and within 4 years she built a 7-figure business helping women from all over world.
    Listen to this inspirational Profit-ology Podcast episode with Sigrun Gudjonsdottir and discover:
    ● How a course with a dressmaker when she was sixteen years old in Iceland inspired her to help women worldwide.
    ● Why if you are broke, you can’t help anyone.

    Links Mentioned

    Connect with Sigrun
    Website www.sigrun.com
    Facebook: https://facebook.com/sigrun.com
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/sigruncom
    Instagram: @sigruncom [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887/episodes/3ee830b0-aeea-11e9-961b-97a93ec90683/stripped_366b8afb522d54b061c92bff6936fb03.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN9579554728.mp3 [size] => 35756199 [duration] => 1489.84 [uid] => CSN9579554728 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/05/2019/90b6268558d81427ff49bf9e734d4de7.mp3 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887 [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887/episodes/3ee830b0-aeea-11e9-961b-97a93ec90683/id3/1c27fe2095578e64602176fc8c7be139.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 53978 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/?p=142548 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Sigrun Gudjonsdottir is the leading business mentor for female online...
  • Array ( [id] => 3f9ec30c-aeea-11e9-961b-ebcd2296ddad [createdAt] => 2019-07-25T07:41:12.431-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-08-19T09:00:36.622-07:00 [title] => Embracing Whole Life Leadership to Rise In Your Industry [pubdate] => 2019-05-03T10:04:02.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/3f9ec30c-aeea-11e9-961b-ebcd2296ddad/image/ADProfit-ology-Podcast_claudia-chan_007.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => with Claudia Chan [summary] => Claudia Chan: Embracing Whole Life Leadership to Rise In Your Industry
    – Profit-ology™ Podcast Episode 008 with Kelly O’Neil

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    Claudia Chan is a recognized author, leadership and culture change expert, and entrepreneur dedicated to activating individuals and organizations to accelerate diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace and world.
    She is the CEO of S.H.E. GLOBL, a coalition+content+convening platform that helps over 100 companies unlock a diverse and inclusive workforce to transform both its culture and its communities.
    Claudia is also the author of the leadership book THIS IS HOW WE RISE: Reach Your Highest Potential, Empower Women, Lead Change in the World which was named by CNBC as a “top career book of 2018” and also featured in The New York Times. Claudia was also recently named 1 of 8 UN Women Champions for Innovation. She has been referred to as “the change-agent maker” and Fast Company has called her the “Richard Branson of women’s empowerment.”
    Listen to this inspirational Profit-ology Podcast episode with Claudia Chan and discover:
    ● How you can be a leader in your industry and also in the world.
    ● Why this is the most exciting, opportunistic time for women entrepreneurs.
    ● What is whole-life integrated and inclusive leadership and how it can help you thrive holistically.

    Links Mentioned
    The Athena Doctrine by John Gerzema https://www.amazon.com/John-Gerzema/e/B001JSJOBI/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1

    Connect with Claudia
    Free gift – none mentioned on the show
    Website www.shesummit.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ClaudiaChanMedia/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/claudiachan?lang=en
    Instagram: Instagram @claudiachanwagner [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887/episodes/3f9ec30c-aeea-11e9-961b-ebcd2296ddad/stripped_06621588dd3010c5646890ca0df7091f.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN6182889731.mp3 [size] => 46760855 [duration] => 1948.37 [uid] => CSN6182889731 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/05/2019/b13fd7efaab3f94db0ce0e13589bea8d.mp3 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887 [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887/episodes/3f9ec30c-aeea-11e9-961b-ebcd2296ddad/id3/18d1c888cd6a390553942a34db3530db.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 55392 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/?p=137082 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Claudia Chan: Embracing Whole Life Leadership to Rise In Your...
  • Array ( [id] => 40259dc8-aeea-11e9-961b-cf9b456c45a3 [createdAt] => 2019-07-25T07:41:13.315-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-08-19T09:00:37.104-07:00 [title] => How to Harness the Power of Video to Get Your Message Heard [pubdate] => 2019-04-29T13:16:13.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/40259dc8-aeea-11e9-961b-cf9b456c45a3/image/Q1Profit-ology-Podcast_keri-murphy_006.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => with Keri Murphy [summary] => Keri Murphy
    – Profit-ology™ Podcast Episode 005 with Kelly O’Neil

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    The CEO and founder of Inspired Living, Keri Murphy (http://inspiredliving.tv) is committed to empowering people all over the world to “Dream it. Live it. BE it!” An international speaker, media expert and business mentor, she honed her expertise in the entrepreneurial field for over 20 years, helping others to create—and succeed at—a business they love. Murphy is a television veteran with appearances on MTV, E!, FOX, and NBC just to name a few. Her Inspired Living TV web series helps people bridge the gap between having a dream and making it their reality.
    She is a regular supporter of the “Unstoppable” foundation (a non-profit organization that brings education and sustainability to developing nations). She makes time to serve on the advisory board of the Women Network, which gives women a voice and platform to share their messages. She was also chosen to be a mentor for the Richard Branson Centre of Entrepreneurs, an organization of the most passionate and socially minded entrepreneurs in the world.

    Listen to this inspirational Profit-ology Podcast episode with Keri Murphy and discover:
    ● How to use video to make people feel something that will make them choose YOU.
    ● How to use video in a way that has your stamp, your unique way of delivering, and is in alignment with your brand.
    ● Why you should not press record and think you are talking to everyone.
    ● What you have to know for every single video you make, before you start.

    Links Mentioned
    Connect with Keri
    Get Keri’s 7 Ways to Be Confident on Camera: http://inspiredliving.tv/freegift/
    Website www.inspiredliving.tv
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thekerimurphy/
    Twitter: @kerimurphy
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/inspiredlivingtv/ [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887/episodes/40259dc8-aeea-11e9-961b-cf9b456c45a3/stripped_42c94a661682b11749a4d24debeb52c8.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN8033649619.mp3 [size] => 50147578 [duration] => 2089.48 [uid] => CSN8033649619 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/04/2019/8515f1c1f2840e56362407961014920e.mp3 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887 [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887/episodes/40259dc8-aeea-11e9-961b-cf9b456c45a3/id3/f267168304c746cc445afe50fab4216d.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 55712 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/?p=135170 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Keri Murphy – Profit-ology™ Podcast Episode 005 with Kelly O’Neil...
  • Array ( [id] => 40be5752-aeea-11e9-961b-1bd0534c3e7c [createdAt] => 2019-07-25T07:41:14.317-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-08-19T09:00:37.625-07:00 [title] => Cultivating The Courage to Be Iconic In Your Industry [pubdate] => 2019-04-17T09:00:00.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/40be5752-aeea-11e9-961b-1bd0534c3e7c/image/Ali-Brown-Cover-Art-Profit-ology-Podcast_LongTitles_Ali-Brown.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => wih Ali Brown [summary] => Ali Brown is one of the world’s most recognized entrepreneurial coaches. Named the “Entrepreneurial Guru for Women” by Business News Daily, she provides business coaching and advice to over 250,000 followers via AliBrown.com, her social media channels, and her Glambition® Radio show.
    – Profit-ology™ Podcast Episode 005 with Kelly O’Neil

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    Ali and I originally met at a Mark Victor Hansen event, and have known each other for 15 years. This year, I joined her premier mentorship program, which is exclusively for iconic women and thought leaders who are shaking up their industries, and changing the status quo.
    Ali has been ranked on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies, named one of the Enterprising Women of the Year by Enterprising Women Magazine, named “The Entrepreneurial Guru for Women” by Business News Daily, dubbed one of Forbes’ Women to Watch, and Ali has been featured on the season finale of ABC’s Secret Millionaire show.
    She has been named by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the Top 10 Twitter Accounts Every Entrepreneur Should Be Following, and her Glambition Radio show was recently named by Inc. Magazine as one of the “9 Podcasts Every Female Entrepreneur Should Listen To”
    Listen to this inspirational Profit-ology Podcast episode with Ali Brown about cultivating the courage to be iconic in your industry, and discover:
    ● How being one of the first women in a high-end business mastermind group inspired her to take her business to the next level.
    ● What she learned by being on the ABC television show The Secret Millionaire
    ● The three factors to developing the courage to be iconic.
    ● Why you should do the opposite of what everyone else is doing.

    Links Mentioned
    Mark Victor Hansen - http://markvictorhansen.com/
    Dan Kennedy - https://nobsinnercircle.com/

    Connect with Ali
    Website alibrown.com

    Facebook facebook.com/alibrownfan
    Twitter twitter.com/alibrown
    Instagram instagram.com/alibrownofficial [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887/episodes/40be5752-aeea-11e9-961b-1bd0534c3e7c/stripped_8a1440089f4d2e295ee7f0ba983925de.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN9361222240.mp3 [size] => 46288770 [duration] => 1928.7 [uid] => CSN9361222240 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/04/2019/cda28b847ee5bbbfd15fb3e4fb38899b.mp3 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887 [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887/episodes/40be5752-aeea-11e9-961b-1bd0534c3e7c/id3/9123c227019a6afece8159226fd9d6b0.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 55964 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/?p=135166 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Ali Brown is one of the world’s most recognized entrepreneurial...
  • Array ( [id] => 4146e9b4-aeea-11e9-961b-cbdca2b1b7a0 [createdAt] => 2019-07-25T07:41:15.214-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-08-19T09:00:38.112-07:00 [title] => How To Put Profit First [pubdate] => 2019-04-10T09:00:00.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/4146e9b4-aeea-11e9-961b-cbdca2b1b7a0/image/BnProfit-ology-Podcast_mike-michalowicz_004.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => with Mike Michalowicz [summary] => By his 35th birthday MIKE MICHALOWICZ had founded and sold two multi-million-dollar companies. Confident that he had the formula to success, he became an angel investor…and proceeded to lose his entire fortune.
    He started all over again, and created the “Profit First Formula”, a way for businesses to ensure profitability from their very next deposit forward.
    Mike is now running his third million dollar venture, is a former small business columnist for The Wall Street Journal; is the former MSNBC business make-over expert; and is the author of Profit First, Surge, The Pumpkin Plan and The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, which BusinessWeek deemed “the entrepreneur’s cult classic.”
    Listen to this inspirational Profit-ology Podcast episode with Mike Michalowicz and discover:
    ● What is entrepreneurial poverty. and how do we close the gap between perception and reality.

    ● How to tell if you are suffering from superhero syndrome.

    ● Why Mike was called the "angel of death" and how his daughter saved him on Valentine's Day.

    ● The difference between thinking like a shareholder instead of a entrepreneur or a business owner.

    ● How taking a 4 week completely unplugged vacation from your business can make it stronger.

    ● How to make your business worth more by doing less.

    Links Mentioned
    Alan Weiss’s Million Dollar Consultant https://www.alanweiss.com/
    Connect with Mike
    Get a Free Download of Mike’s book: https://www.mikemichalowicz.com/resources/
    Website http://www.mikemichalowicz.com/
    Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MikeMichalowiczFanPage/
    Twitter https://twitter.com/MikeMichalowicz
    Instagram https://www.instagram.com/mikemichalowicz/ [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887/episodes/4146e9b4-aeea-11e9-961b-cbdca2b1b7a0/stripped_1dda76c93b75c7e56b5a563234d7fc44.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN7789233354.mp3 [size] => 50586435 [duration] => 2107.77 [uid] => CSN7789233354 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/04/2019/7ace6b9397abcc8281d9303eea3537a2.mp3 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887 [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887/episodes/4146e9b4-aeea-11e9-961b-cbdca2b1b7a0/id3/1fbb5aa3f671ec9c8da6463bd683858c.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 55282 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/?p=135165 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • By his 35th birthday MIKE MICHALOWICZ had founded and sold...
  • Array ( [id] => 41e67a1a-aeea-11e9-961b-6bd5646f0e43 [createdAt] => 2019-07-25T07:41:16.259-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-08-19T09:00:38.600-07:00 [title] => The Micro Influence Strategy that Created a 20 Million Dollar Company in Under 3 Years [pubdate] => 2019-04-03T06:00:00.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/41e67a1a-aeea-11e9-961b-6bd5646f0e43/image/DDProfit-ology-Podcast_Amanda-Tress_0034224.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => with Amanda Tress [summary] => Listen to this inspirational Profitology Podcast episode with Amanda Tress, the creator of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss, the Premier Virtual Intermittent Fasting, Fitness, and Nutrition Program and discover:
    • How Amanda overcame blood pressure & blood sugar issues, food sensitivities, and post-partum period issues by finding a really healthy and sustainable way to live long-term while being able to burn fat and also maintain energy.
    • How she deals with haters and copycats.
    • Her commitment to constant testing and iteration.
    • What mistake you might be making in your business when it comes to getting others to share your message.
    • Discover Amanda’s one tier micro-influencer model that created a $20-million company in three years and is helping women around the world to economically empower themselves.
    • “We have women earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a year within months of becoming influencers. It’s absolutely unbelievable.”
    • Learn exactly what she says to turn her customers into raving evangelists for her brand, and how she leveraged her brand evangelists into providing continuing education across the entire industry.
    Tune in now and be inspired! [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887/episodes/41e67a1a-aeea-11e9-961b-6bd5646f0e43/stripped_41206fc875e0de7b776aedbc3e2ddea7.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN8948602969.mp3 [size] => 50977018 [duration] => 2124.04 [uid] => CSN8948602969 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/04/2019/b8307cfd01b2342c63a6f97f0690d1ff.mp3 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887 [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887/episodes/41e67a1a-aeea-11e9-961b-6bd5646f0e43/id3/ad670daf2a947cbfedf7b34b1a474f3b.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 54238 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/?p=134314 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Listen to this inspirational Profitology Podcast episode with Amanda Tress,...
  • Array ( [id] => 4277f0b2-aeea-11e9-961b-6bbf5f5eec7b [createdAt] => 2019-07-25T07:41:17.213-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-08-19T09:00:39.085-07:00 [title] => Using The Power of The Media To Create Influence and Profit [pubdate] => 2019-04-03T06:00:00.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/4277f0b2-aeea-11e9-961b-6bbf5f5eec7b/image/SaKelli-Ellis-Cover-Profit-ology-Podcast_Kelli-Ellis_002.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => with Kelli Ellis [summary] => I first met Kelli when she saw me speak at a Marketing to Millionaires event in Los Angeles over 10 years ago. I instantly hit it off with this mayor’s daughter turned media darling, and we have been dear friends ever since.
    She started her media empire almost on accident, when a best friend from her former law school randomly had her drive two hours each way for a television show audition (Kelli had no media experience at the time). She landed Clean Sweep on TLC.
    It wasn’t a straight line to the top from there. Like most of us, she experienced some incredible ups and downs along the way, evolving her business and leveling up her brand to become the media Goddess that she is now.
    Listen to this inspirational Profit-ology Podcast episode with Kelli Ellis and discover:
    ● How she made the transition from legal student to full time mom to media personality and how a random “allergy” to hair color changed everything in her career.
    ● Her biggest epiphany and how getting clear was a game changer for her life and her business.
    ● How to get started with the media and leverage media channels to build your brand and your business .

    Links Mentioned

    Connect with Kelli
    Get your FREE copy of her best selling book, “Do I Look Skinny In This House?” from her website at https://kelliellis.com/
    Website kelliellis.com
    Facebook https://business.facebook.com/designerkelliellis/?business_id=862036843884083
    Twitter https://twitter.com/designerkelli
    Instagram https://www.instagram.com/designerkelliellis/ [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887/episodes/4277f0b2-aeea-11e9-961b-6bbf5f5eec7b/stripped_a45accf167cb468fddaa7bd1346030ce.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN7651619349.mp3 [size] => 66278713 [duration] => 2761.61 [uid] => CSN7651619349 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/04/2019/2ae8a42a0763e321e445d245ab29c85d.mp3 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887 [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887/episodes/4277f0b2-aeea-11e9-961b-6bbf5f5eec7b/id3/ab6d6408aab95446a61389ffc527e524.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 54934 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/?p=135162 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • I first met Kelli when she saw me speak at...
  • Array ( [id] => 43013868-aeea-11e9-961b-df8d576e0694 [createdAt] => 2019-07-25T07:41:18.111-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-08-19T09:00:39.733-07:00 [title] => Welcome to the Profitology Podcast [pubdate] => 2019-03-21T10:14:15.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/43013868-aeea-11e9-961b-df8d576e0694/image/Trailer-Graphic-ep001.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => Trailer [summary] => Welcome to the Profit-ology Podcast. If you are an entrepreneur who is ready to shake up the status quo, work smarter, eliminate busy work, all while making and keeping more money you are going to enjoy this show.

    Kelly O’Neil has been in the field of Brand Marketing and PR for nearly 25 years. She began in the technology industry working with some of the most prominent corporations and market disrupting startups in the world.

    For years she struggled after taking training after training and hiring mentors that had her focused on all the WRONG things in business using templatized blueprints that minimized her expertise and just didn’t work. The more money she made, the less she took home. She was encouraged to hustle, grind and play big… all the way to a health crisis. And in the peak of her breakdown, a friend asked her a question that changed everything.

    “How Much Life Are You Willing to Trade for This?”

    The Profit-ology Podcast is about strategically designing a business that works FOR YOU. It’s about working smarter. About focusing your energy and attention on profit maximization strategies and learning key strategic shortcuts to boost productivity and efficiency. It’s about positioning yourself in uncontested markets and making your competition irrelevant. It’s about creating a business that is high in profit but also low in stress and aligns with the kind of lifestyle you want to live. It’s about working with your natural strengths and following the Profit-ology Critical Path to accelerate results.

    Kelly will be introducing you to some of her celebrity clients and expert guests who have unique business, marketing and sales strategies and tactics, as well as personal insights to help you accelerate your growth.

    Plus, you will hear first-hand what she Is doing in her business including how she created a lucrative high-profit business working less than 30 hours a week serving clientele she adores and where her high-performance team builds the business for me – even while she's on vacation. It’s a behind the scenes look at building a Profit-ology based business – the good stuff, the wins, the losses and also the painful lessons learned the hard way over the years.

    She'll also talk about the realities of being an entrepreneur – especially when not everyone exactly gets what you are doing or why you are doing it. How to balance running a high growth business with having a life outside of it and protecting your most precious business asset – YOU.

    The goal is simple. We want to equip you with real world strategies and tactics that work TODAY to build and scale a sustainable, profitable business without going crazy in the process.

    If you want to work smarter, make and keep more money and get your life back – this show is tailor made for you.

    So, make sure you subscribe, share this Podcast with your friends and let’s get going. The world is waiting for you. [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887/episodes/43013868-aeea-11e9-961b-df8d576e0694/stripped_ae07393260e5d8d523924a7a2fef9884.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN8813013953.mp3 [size] => 8752692 [duration] => 364.7 [uid] => CSN8813013953 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/03/2019/b705fa78cdee2c72a141ea803f74ff05.mp3 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887 [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/397ad7ae-aeea-11e9-93c5-b3e42b634887/episodes/43013868-aeea-11e9-961b-df8d576e0694/id3/a4e586778151955e78362c080b17f575.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 57812 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/?p=135160 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Welcome to the Profit-ology Podcast. If you are an entrepreneur...

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