About Extraordinary Executives

Owning a business is hard and rewarding work, and as a business owner, you make important decisions every day that don't just affect you and your family. They also affect the families of the people who depend on you, your people. Whether you’re in the Startup, Growth, Expansion, or even if you’re thinking about Exit Strategies, the Extraordinary Executives podcast has the wisdom and more importantly, the SOLUTIONS you need to turn your goals into reality! 

Each week, host Randy Jones, Wealth Management Advisor, interviews a different award-winning business owner who not only “talks the talk” but have and or are “walking the walk.” They will be answering tons of the questions that business owners are often left to answer by themselves. Just like you, these entrepreneurs and executives work hard every day to grow their business, take care of their families and people and most of all, ensure that they will leave a Legacy! Join us every week on the Extraordinary Executives podcast- let Randy and his guests help you live your dreams.

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