Dr. Steve Taubman's Executive Zen radio show is proud to be affiliated with the C-Suite Radio Network.
Buddha in the Trenches author Dr. Taubman hosts Executive Zen to share philosophy, science, and humor,
interview business experts and thought leaders, and challenge conventional concepts of the human mind,
providing the latest revelations and the most enduring wisdom on happiness, productivity, and success.

As a host on C-Suite's business platform, Dr. Taubman explores personal development, leadership,
and organizational culture in an honest, lighthearted way, and each show leaves listeners
with useable tools to enhance their business and personal lives.

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Dr. Steve Taubman

Transformational Neuro-Hypnotist, Bestselling Author

Website: http://www.stevetaubman.com/executivezen

Dr. Steve Taubman is a bestselling author and world class speaker who has dedicated his life to showing people how to thrive through their challenges. He's written extensively on the application of contemplative practices in stressful situations and has spoken worldwide on mindset mastery for goal-oriented and helping professionals. Dr. Taubman's works include his bestseller, UnHypnosis, and his latest book, Buddha in the Trenches.

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