In 2017, multiple cryptocurrencies gained over 10,000% returns, the venture capital model was turned upside down, and governments are figuring out how to regulate a distributed super-intelligence that is the result of this new and exciting technology. Those in the C-Suite have a responsibility to learn why Bitcoin is not "a fraud" and how their businesses will be impacted. While there are many places to turn for information regarding blockchain, Disruption Joe's Blockchain & You presents the information you need to know in an easy to digest and relatable way.

Blockchain & You is a discussion between Disruption Joe and the most influential entrepreneurs, creators, and those in the C-Suite. It is an attempt to find understanding through high-level conversation. As the founder of Chicago Blockchain Project, he is uniquely connected to the ground level of the collective mindset. He is an entrepreneur and social impact advocate on a mission to figure out how Blockchain technology will make the world a better place. Please plug in your ear-buds, relax, and join us on our educational journey.

Disruption Joe



My goal is to help us move from the economic paradigm of competition to collaboration. We have the greatest incentive mechanism ever created in our hands and we will shape how it is used.

I believe it is in the interest of all mankind to help our neighbors. Without jealousy, but with desire. Without greed, but with competition. Without fear, but with enthusiasm. If this belief holds true, then every individual’s motive whether self-interest or benevolence, is logically aligned to the same goal.

When the individual succeeds, so does the whole. We function together as a society. Throughout the history of the world people have been driven to fear the others. To say “us” versus “them” rather than realizing we are all part of one connected society. The growing inequality of wealth in the face of poverty, homelessness, and war, tells me we could be better to one another. The class based systems of yesterday are no longer needed. Software, cryptography, and game-theoretic incentive structures allow us the promise of a better future.

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