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  • AB 242 Live! Perfecting the Power of Polish with Shenan Reed and Stacey Hanke

    In this world of video calls, never forget that you’re always on camera. In today’s episode of All Business with Jeffrey Hayzlett, we talk with two experts about never going off air, how to always act like you’re on camera and the impact it creates.

    Our first guest says the moment of caring is over and now it’s for businesses to help. Shenan Reed is the president of Publicis Media, where she helps manage media accounts for some of the most prestigious brands. Shenan and Jeffrey talk about how fast big brands are pivoting their messages, where consumers seem to be spending and why she sees advertising is a service. She also talks about how to get personal when we’re apart, how the economy and the pandemic is affecting women disproportionately, and why she’s optimistic for the future.

    Influence is something you hear a lot about, but it’s more than people in your social media feed peddling products. Stacey Hanke, Founder & CEO, Stacey Hanke Inc., says there are levels of influence and it takes work to get to the level you need to be. True influencers have to be authentic and consistent – which falls in line perfectly with the “Monday to Monday” aspect of her book.

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