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  • AB 228 Live! The Wide World of (Net)work with Keith Ferrazzi and Paul Van Deventer

    AB 228 Live! The Wide World of (Net)work with Keith Ferrazzi and Paul Van Deventer

    We’re getting America back to work this week and both of these guests are taking roads to get there.

    Keith Ferrazzi began redefining work since college and later became one of the youngest CMOs in Fortune 500 history. Now as the Founder and Chairman of Ferrazzi Greenlight, he helps teams work better together. The COVID-19 pandemic is teaching businesses of all types, in real time, how to be adaptable. Keith says now is the time for your company to “find its north star” and point towards the future. There are eight areas you need consider as you reboot to the new world of work and Keith covers most of them during this conversation.

    Trade shows, expos, and conferences are at the heart of most companies’ business. Sales and connections made during these events are the lifeblood to many industries. Paul Van Deventer knows this first-hand, he is the President and CEO of Meeting Planners International (MPI), a group supporting the event industry. With the pandemic canceling big events all over the world, will the events industry look different when we re-open? Paul, says yes, but your favorite trade show isn’t moving entirely online. Hear why Paul says the event industry is still relevant and how planners are finding ways to enhance, not replace, the in-person experience.

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