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  • AB 206 Live! Give Yourself Some Runway & Permission to Pivot with Beth Comstock and Nely Galán

    In this episode, Jeffrey talks to two powerful women in business who will motivate you to get Adelante (move ahead).

    Beth Comstock starts us off with a master class on confidence and reinvention. As a former CMO and Vice Chair of General Electric, she has reinvented herself numerous times – even now. Her advice is stay optimistic but be realistic about the way forward. Beth also said in the chaos there is opportunity, but it’s hard to wrap your head around a situation you can’t control. 

    Nely Galán joins Jeffrey in the second half of the show to talk about getting off your butt and start moving. She is an entertainment magnate who has produced more than 700 TV episodes across all genres and served as President of Entertainment for Telemundo. Nely says that as a Cuban-American immigrant, she was built for a crisis and that our current situation could bring opportunities for many, adding that a crisis can be used as a moment of service.


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