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  • AB 208 Live! WFH (Working From Home) & Practicing Mindfulness

    On this episode of All Business Live with Jeffrey Hayzlett, we have two guests that can help you navigate the stress of spending all this time at home and how to practice mindfulness.

    Our first guest, licensed family therapist & podcast host, Colleen O’Grady, gives practical tips on dialing down the drama with your family. Colleen’s biggest piece of advice is creating a schedule, but remain flexible as well as defining boundaries. These may be unprecedented times, but this may be one of the greatest opportunities to connect with your family because you’re always home.

    If being around your family 24/7 gets a little complex, stick around for our second guest, mindfulness expert Holly Duckworth. Holly talked about how being present and being mindful is more than just meditating and playing with singing bowls. You can use it to empower your employees and help your business.

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