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  • AB 345: Core IQ and You with Randall Bell, Ph.D.

    Do you know what your Core IQ is? How can we elevate it to become better leaders? That’s what today's guest will be teaching us. Randall Bell, Ph.D. is a socio-economist and CEO of Landmark Research Group and he has consulted on more disasters on earth than anyone in history.

    Randall is familiar with the chaos and the uncertainty obstacles bring. In business, there will always be roadblocks, but how we react to high-stress situations is what makes the difference.

    Connect with Dr. Bell:

    This episode with Dr. Bell was recorded during a C-Suite Network Member-Only event. If you would like to be a part of the conversation and take part in the Q & A session not included in this podcast consider becoming a member of the C-Suite Network.

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