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  • AB 216 Live! Pillars of Good Leadership with Paul Becker and Cindy Thebaud

    As we continue with Battleship Week, we are rolling with such great leaders.

    Retired Rear Admiral, Paul Becker, joins us for the first part of the show talking about what makes for a successful leader, and his journey from the battleship to the boardroom. Paul also covered his T3 principles for leadership -- Teamwork, Tone, and Tenacity. He even added a fourth “T” – listen to find out what that is.

    Another retired Rear Admiral, Cindy Thebaud, joins Jeffrey for the second half of the show. Cindy attended the Naval War College and was deployed in the Atlantic & Pacific fleets. Cindy talked with Jeffrey about the difference between management and leadership (hint: They’re not the same), pivoting towards purpose, the importance of communication, and having diversity on your team.

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