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  • AB 219 Live! Want to Write a Book? Be Rich? Ask the Doctors – Jennifer Dorsey and Greg Reid

    If you have aspirational goals for yourself before, during, or after the pandemic, this episode of All Business with Jeffrey Hayzlett is a must-listen.


    Jennifer Dorsey, Editorial Director for Entrepreneur Press, joins Jeffrey to talk about the business of business books. Jennifer covers everything from the basics you need to know before you put pen to paper and why writing needs become a habit. She talks about what it takes to get your book proposal to her desk as well as the challenges and opportunities she’s seeing in the publishing industry right now.


    The book talk blends into this episode’s second guest Dr. Greg Reid, owner of The Millionaire Mentor. Greg’s book ideas have been rejected more than 250 times by publishers of all sizes, but it didn’t stop him from writing many best-sellers. Greg may be one of the few people you’ll ever meet who has scratched off everything off his bucket list. While he isn’t adding to the list, he has found a new way to keep the idea alive. Greg also talked about building wealth the answer might surprise you. Did you know he also created "Secret Knock?"

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