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  • AB 355: The Story Behind the "Holy Grail" of Blue Jeans with Steve Battista, CMO Revtown

    During the pandemic, many of us have traded regular pants for more comfortable ones, including jeans. Today's guest helped lead the comfortable jeans revolution. Steve Battista is the CMO and co-founder of Revtown, an online retailer selling signature jeans that claim to be more comfortable than sweatpants. This isn't the first time Steve got in on the ground floor of a revolutionary clothing company -- he was one of the first 20 employees at Under Armor. Steve and Jeffrey talk about why the jeans you wear suck, how selling jeans changed during a pandemic, and the technology helping Revtown build a better pair of jeans. That tech doesn't just go into the creation of the jeans, there's even a special algorithm to help customers get the perfect fit, without ever stepping into a dressing room.

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