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  • AB 224 Live! Timing is Everything with JJ Ramberg and Tim Gard

    In this episode of All Business, Jeffrey talks with two veterans of different industries, who happen to also be old friends, to talk about how timing is everything in business and comedy.

    Long-time TV host, entrepreneur, and best-selling book author, JJ Ramberg, joins Jeffrey to talk about business. You may recognize JJ from her run as host of Your Business, the second longest running program in MSNBC history. Now that she’s away from the camera, JJ is focusing on her businesses, including her newest venture, GoodPods, an app that weaves together the popularity of podcasting and social media. JJ and Jeffrey talk about how GoodPods is hoping the solve the “what podcast should I listen to next?” problem, why podcasting is still a good medium to get and how entrepreneurship seems to run in her bloodline.  

    Next up on the show is NSA Hall of Fame Speaker, and funny man, Tim Gard. He is known for using storytelling and humor in his presentations to help audiences connect to his message. Tim and Jeffrey agree that good marketers always craft the story, why he’s funny, who his comedic idols are, and what type of humor he stays away from. If you need a good laugh to deal with the pandemic, this interview is a must listen.

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