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  • AB 211 Live! The Best Listener Always Wins: Building Value in Sales with Mark Boundy and Jeff Pedowitz

    Now is not the time to sell, now is the time to listen to your customers. 

    That theme forms the foundation of both guests on this episode of All Business with Jeffrey Hayzlett. 

    Our first guest, Mark Boundy the CEO of Boundy Consulting and author of “Radical Value: Elevate Your Company – and Career – by Unleashing the Power Within Customer Centricity.” Jeffrey and Mark get real about how salespeople stink at understanding what a customer values, and those that do are on the sales varsity squad. This conversation is what every sales manager and on-the-street sales professional needs to hear.

    For the second half of the episode, Jeff Pedowitz joins Jeffrey to talk about the importance of arming your sales team with the best information available that will help them get stuff done. Keeping with the theme of the show, they also talked about how you can’t rush the sales process and to be mindful of your customers purchasing plans.

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