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  • AB 220 Live! Return to Better with Sheila Anderson and David Veech

    The world will be different once we’re through the COVID-19 pandemic and both guests today say it will be better.

    First up is branding and image consultant, Sheila Anderson. Not only has she trademarked the term “Return On Image” (ROI), she’s a best-selling author who has helped many businesses build their brand by developing their personal image. Sheila reminds us that even though we’re working from home, you’re still at work. Dress like it. Every video-conference call is an opportunity to make an impression and it’s not just by what you wear. Sheila also uncovers the difference between a personal brand and a corporate brand and why you should pay attention to the eye candy behind you.

    U.S. Army veteran, David Veech, joins Jeffrey for the second half of the podcast. David helps leaders at all levels engage and motivate their teams. He says the best thing leaders can do right now is encourage people NOT to return to normal, instead help them understand they will be returning to better. David also shares with Jeffrey the three things we can do to improve the workplace. Listen to this episode of All business with Jeffrey Hayzlett on C-Suite Radio to find out what those are.

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