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  • AB 236 Live! Igniting Change with Mary Lue Peck and Dr. Jeffrey Magee

    CChange is in the air.

    Today’s first guest is Mary Lue Peck, CEO of the National Speakers Association (NSA). Her job is to build, maintain, and grow the professional speaking community as well as be receptive to change – leading with yes. NSA is changing its business model to be adaptable for the world we now live in. Mary Lue says we need to think of all big events, virtual and in person as more than an 8-hour daily lecture series. Despite admitting they have fallen behind attracting more Millennials and Gen Z’ers, they’re changing that to entice younger professionals interested in pursuing a speaking career. 

    Speaking of the next generation, today’s second guest has some advice for them: “sit down, shut up and listen up.” Dr. Jeffrey Magee is not only a professional speaker himself, but a best-selling author, trainer, and publisher of Professional Performance Magazine. You better get comfortable for this interview because Dr. Magee talks fast and gives a lot of key insights. He says that following your passion won’t lead to success, that leaders can be developed, and that you need to truly understand the six hats a leader needs to wear to be successful. 

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