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  • AB 259 Live! Gratitude & Growth: Your True North with Dave Sanderson and Darrell Amy

    AB 259 Live! Gratitude & Growth: Your True North with Dave Sanderson and Darrell Amy

    Our first guest, Dave Sanderson, was one of the last people off US Airways Flight 1549, better known as “the Miracle on the Hudson.” The story made headlines 11 years ago and inspired a Hollywood movie starring Tom Hanks. Dave and Jeffrey go beyond what happened and talk about the importance of being grateful, as Dave wakes up every day with a gratitude mindset as a result of that experience. He told Jeffrey it’s important to stand for something and never forget about the mission. In Dave’s words “change is inevitable, progress is not.”

    Today’s second guest Darrell Amy is, whose book, Revenue Growth Engine, How to Align Marketing and Sales to Accelerate Growth, hit international best-seller status after its release this week. Darrell and Jeffrey agree that instead being a company’s natural enemies, the sales and marketing departments should be best friends. On the customer side, Darrell says not all clients are equal, you should strive for the ideal client and use that as your true north. He also talked about the importance of setting goals and the real reason why you should grow revenue.

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