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  • AB Replay: Ugly Racial Secrets Revealed with Ret. Sgt. Cheryl Dorsey and Dr. Jeffrey Gardere

    In today’s All Business With Jeffrey Hayzlett we revisit an episode from last summer.


    Racism, police brutality, and brutal honesty. This episode of “All Business with Jeffrey Hayzlett” tackles the biggest issue right now with the help of co-host Rolonda Watts. 


    First, we get an inside glimpse of one of the largest police

    departments in the country. Retired LAPD Sergeant Cheryl Dorsey, who worked all

    four bureaus in Los Angeles, talks about how the culture inside police

    departments starts at the top. She added why minorities don’t want to call the

    police and how her philosophy “I care, but I don’t” helped her deal with the

    stress of the job. Sgt. Dorsey mentioned how every police department has a

    “Billy Bad Ass” and why she thinks the movement to ‘defund’ the police is

    missing the mark. If you really want to change your community’s police department,

    Sgt. Dorsey says there’s one thing you can do that has nothing to do with



    Dr. Jeffrey Gardere joins us for the second half of the show.

    Known as “America’s Psychologist” for his numerous TV appearances, Dr. Jeff

    talked about what all this racial unrest is doing to the nation’s psyche. Dr.

    Jeff says while we need to be honest about how we feel, this time feels

    different. There’s a diversity to the protesters you don’t often see. He

    believes the feelings on the streets might get uglier before it gets better,

    especially with the election coming up, but we must continue the forward

    momentum for equality. Dr. Jeff was honest himself, talking about the

    differences between white and black America and some of the things he does

    personally not to stand out.


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