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  • AB 235 Live! Leadership, Lies and Learning with Bob Pizzini and Traci Brown

    You never stop learning and today’s guests are proof of that adage.

    Bob Pizzini is a decorated naval officer who used to dismantle bombs throughout his 26 year career. Now, he’s a business owner and CEO of iFly Virginia Beach -- an indoor skydiving franchise, and helps train the next generation of leaders as CEO of Elevate Your Leadership. 

    Bob says it’s important that everyone on your team is aware of their level of responsibility and where they fit into the success of the operation. This doesn’t mean that leaders shouldn’t stop learning, Bob calls leadership a “perishable” skill. In fact, find out what skills Bob says all leaders should constantly brush up on. 

    Can you tell when you’re being lied to? Our second guest does. Traci Brown is a fraud-busting, body language expert who made a living interpreting the body language of criminals and politicians (and sometimes, they’re one in the same). While Traci doesn’t give away all her tools of the trade, she does lend us all some insight into how to spot a liar (HINT: you need to know which questions to ask). She also gives you a time-tested technique used by the best interrogators in the business to find out if a story is true. Traci also leaves us with a prediction about a very prominent politician.

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