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  • AB 227 Live! Amazing Discoveries to Remain in Control with Evan Dash and Tina Greenbaum

    Business is a series of experiences we should learn from. If we stop learning, we fall behind. 

    Those are the themes behind both of today’s guests on All Business with Jeffrey Hayzlett.

    Today’s first guest is Evan Dash, CEO of StoreBound a company that sells small home appliances to stores nationwide and their slogan is “Happiness is Homemade.” Evan worked his way up through the retail ranks, eventually landing executive job at Macy’s before striking out on his own. Evan talks about why leaving corporate America was one the best decisions he ever made, why retail is still important and Jeffrey’s idea to take over the retail world. 

    Next, prepared to be grounded with Tina Greenbaum, CEO of Mastery Under Pressure. Tina trains everyone from CEOs to athletes to handle the stressors of performing in high-pressured situations. She also tells Jeffrey something we all need to remember -- not everything is in your control. Tina is a big believer of why we should never stop working on ourselves, even when times get tough, and answers the question, ‘who takes care of the caretaker?’


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