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  • AB 258 Live! WOCStars, "Isms," and Pitch Free Zones

    Every year, billions of dollars are invested in startups, but did you know that only 1% is invested in black-led companies? Jeffrey's first guest is Gayle Jennings-O'Byrne, co-founder of The WOCStar Fund, a company that invests in entrepreneurs of color. Her and Jeffrey had an engaging discussion about how we have to take the blinders off, confront our "isms" of choice, and why the best example is a successful example. She also asked this poignant question, "If we don't invest in black people, are we part of the problem ourselves?"

    Do you know how many downloads gets you to the top 10% of iTunes? Jeffrey's next guest is someone who saw the power of podcasting early on and made a career out of it. Jessica Rhodes is the founder & co-owner of Interview Connections and a leading expert on how to leverage podcasting to increase brand awareness. While still in its infancy, compared to other mediums, podcasting has the power to become profitable as in opens multiple other doors for opportunities to grow our businesses. Jessica says that podcasts are "pitch-free zones" and even discussed some pitfalls some podcasters have and what her biggest pet peeve is.

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