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  • AB 245 Live! Shifting Your View Through Story & Business with Lisa Cron and September Dohrmann

    Stories are as old as time, but a good story never gets old.

    Our first guest is Author, Speaker and Story Coach, Lisa Cron. She talked about how story isn’t just somebody weaving a tale, it’s woven into our biology. She also tells Jeffrey the three elements all good stories share and the neuroscience behind it. She adds you don’t have to be a good writer to be a good storyteller, why we all need to ‘love the suck,’ and why anything truly worth doing is hard.

    September Dohrmann joins Jeffrey for the second half of the show. She is the CEO of CEO Space International which helps educate executives at all levels. September says with everything going on, we need to face the fear track and get on the hope track. She also stressed the importance of finding something that grounds or centers you and how you need to stop listening to the “mind chatter” in your head.

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