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  • AB 223 Live! The Wild, Wild West of Healthcare & Cybersecurity

    On today’s All Business Live! with Jeffrey Hayzlett, we tackle two issues in the headlines: healthcare and cybersecurity, both untamed frontiers in different ways.

    Our first guest, Deb Ault, founder and president of AIMM (Ault International Medical Management) gives listeners a dose of reality on our current healthcare system. She says COVID-19 has turned healthcare into the wild, wild west creating pandemonium among business owners. She says that while not all of us will get sick, the expense of those who do could upend the entire system for employers and employees. So, what can be done? Become a more informed consumer. Business owners need to get smarter, too, by taking more control of their health insurance. Deb says with employers’ help, the healthcare system as we know it could be changed forever.

    Our next guest is trying to wrangle a different corner of the modern wild west, the internet. John Sileo, CEO & President of The Sileo Group, had his identity stolen – twice! Once was personal. Once was business related. Both were severe in their own ways and the criminals were barely punished. These experiences pushed John into cybersecurity because, as he tells Jeffrey, nobody is taking cybersecurity seriously enough. He also offered some easy ways for people to protect themselves and their business from cyber threats.

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