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  • AB 263 Live! Cops, Connections and Candid Conversations with Corey Pegues and Kelli Richards

    At the C-Suite Network, we continue our commitment to keep the difficult conversations at the forefront. Today’s episode of All Business with Jeffrey Hayzlett featured two insightful, candid conversation.

    We start with Corey Pegues – who went from a crack dealer to a decorated veteran of the NYPD. Corey and Jeffrey talk about the “Blue Wall” of police culture, why all police officers shouldn’t be lumped together, and what he thinks needs to change with our police force. Corey talks about why he feels that this moment is different for the Black Lives Matter movement and what needs to be done to change the overall culture of justice in America.

    The topic may have switched to connections for the second half of the show, but the conversation is just as real. Kelli Richards, the president of All Access Group, is known in Silicon Valley as a “super connector.” She has worked with some of the biggest names in tech and music throughout her career; and while Kelli hates to drop names, Jeffrey does coax a few out of her, and your jaw might drop. Beyond her client list, Kelli gets real about how hard it is to stay positive and why it’s important to lean into your communities during times like these.

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