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  • AB 247 Live! Data by Design with Jordan Brandt and Laura Mineff

    You hear the term “cyber security” tossed around nearly every day, but our first guest today on All Business on Jeffrey Hayzlett says it’s a lot more to it than logins and passwords. Jordan Brandt is the CEO and Co-Founder at Inpher a company that trademarked the term Secret ComputingⓇ. Jeffrey and Jordan talk about what secret computing means and how data protection is important for all businesses. Besides data, they also talk about Jordan’s furniture-making hobby, the type of things he has built, and why it sometimes upsets his wife.

    Today’s second guest, Laura Mineff, is the President of Array Design Studio and also talked about furniture, with a twist. She talked about the overall design, functionality, and why sound design goes beyond the living room or the board room. Laura says both need good bones and points out as we move into the post-COVID-19 world, what worked yesterday won’t work tomorrow. Whatever the design or process is, your need to make it fear free and convenient for everyone.

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