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  • AB 365: It's Not Breaking News, It's Broken News with Carlos Watson, Co-Founder and CEO - OZY Media

    You don't need us to tell you the media world is fractured. Your grandparent's newspaper, your parent's favorite TV network, and your favorite website no longer cut it. Enter OZY Media. A company co-founded by today's guest, Carlos Watson. OZY focuses on 'The New and The Next' with a variety of of podcasts, newsletters, TV shows, and events covering all sides to a story. Carlos tells Jeffrey OZY also seeks out fresh voices on all sides of an issue, straying away from the traditional media model of focusing just on what's making headlines. Carlos says OZY’s goal is to put people ahead of the curve, introducing the audience to stories and issues from around the world. During the discussion, Carlos and Jeffrey talk about what it takes to create a modern media company, why the traditional media is slow to change, and how Carlos has made it his mission to talk about "resetting America."

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