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  • AB 238 Live! Banking on Your Tribe and IGBY with Shelly Palmer and Dr. Gary McGrath

    Get out your business tool belt today. We’re helping you build your platform and leadership skills on today’s All Business with Jeffrey Hayzlett.

    We start with technology guru Shelly Palmer. Not only is Shelly the CEO of The Palmer Group, he holds the patents on some of the underlying technology behind some pretty big TV shows. Jeffrey and Shelly go beyond the tech talk and talk about the importance of building your old fashion, in-person network. Then they take a deep dive into the importance of controlling your data, the importance of adapting, and why future-proofing is a waste of your time.

    Dr. Gary McGrath, CEO of Statarius, joins us for the second half of the show to drop a leadership bombshell – from his military and corporate experience. Gary boiled leadership into four different value categories and talked about how spending $15 could help you become a better leader. Gary and Jeffrey also discussed about the importance of offering both tough love and compassion to your team.   

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