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  • AB 232 Live! Iconic Lightbulb Moments with Scott McKain and Ben Levitan

    Business moves fast, but sometimes it slows down just enough to give you those “aha” moments you need to move ahead.

    Today’s first guest, Hall of Fame Speaker and best-selling author, Scott McKain, uses his signature stories to entertain audiences around the world. In today’s business world, being good isn’t enough – you have to be persuasive, tell those signature stories where audiences can see themselves in them, and rise to iconic levels. Those stories have real resonance and traction. Jeffrey and Scott talk about their decades-long friendship and how content is the common link to connecting with audiences, whether in-person or virtually. 

    Cash may be king, but everyone pays with plastic. From credit to debit, swiping a card is how business is done. While businesses of all sizes clamor for cash, it’s time to really look at what your company might be paying to process all those credit card transactions. Ben Levitan co-founder and partner of Delta Payment Systems can help you save thousands. Delta operates as a co-op that uses its collective power to help you drive down the cost of each swipe. Learn why you’re paying too much, especially if you use some of the more popular payment systems and how you might even get money back.

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