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  • AB 267 Live! The Last Taboo We're STILL Not Talking About with Frank Cooper III

    There are many topics that are considered taboo -- sex, politics, and religion are the most notable. However, there is another topic that we're still not talking about: wealth! Many associate as a domain for only those with money, but that couldn't be further from the truth. On today's episode, Jeffrey speaks to Frank Cooper III, Chief Marketing Officer at BlackRock, and he's a believer that more people should experience financial well-being. With money being the #1 stressor, he believes people aren't being taught to talk about money and how to manage it, spend it, or save it.

    They also spoke about Frank's career trajectory -- from DefJam, Motown, PepsiCo, Buzzfeed, and now BlackRock. He talked about the nuggets he took from each of these companies and how influential culture is to everything from culture to branding. After all, culture eats strategy for lunch.

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