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  • AB 221 LIVE! The Cult of Engagement with Shep Hyken and Doug Pittman

    It doesn’t take much to amaze your customers, you just have to keep them happy. That’s the advice from today’s first guest, Shep Hyken, the Chief Amazement Officer at Shepard Presentations. Now is the time to continue to build the relationships with old customers, reconnect with past clients and don’t forget honesty is always the best policy. Shep says it’s times like these that magnify what’s right or wrong about your company. He also tells Jeffrey why building a “cult of the customer” is a good thing. 

    Digital Mobile marketing is the future, but we’re stuck in an analogue messaging world. Today’s second guest has made it his mission to change that. Doug Pittman is the founder and CEO of BoardActive Software. He explains how the software will help the next wave of marketers make personal connections with consumers by being ‘VisualMatic.’ Learn how a multi-state trail hike inspired Doug to move forward with his vision and why he says entrepreneurs never really sleep.

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