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  • AB 251 Live! Prescription for Winning with Patrick McLean and Lisa Rehurek

    If you think there seems to be a Walgreen’s on every corner, you’re not wrong. With more than 9,200 stores, they are one of the largest drug store chains in the U.S. Today’s first guest, Patrick McLean is the CMO for Walgreen’s, meaning he runs all the marketing for the pharmacy giant. Patrick and Jeffrey talk about some of the fast changes Walgreen’s staffers made during the pandemic, including what to do with 9 million red noses for the “Red Nose Day” fundraiser. Patrick also talked about how the pharmacist’s role at the stores has slowly changed from prescription filler to community builder. 

    Winning a Request for Proposal (RFP) can make or break many businesses. So how do you stand out? Lisa Rehurek based her business on it. Lisa is the Founder & CEO, The RFP Success Company and she helps companies win RFPs. Even she admits the process and the proposals themselves can be boring. Her advice: design the bones first and fill in the details later. Also, take advantage of the deadline timeline and speak their language. It’s also important to have everyone your team look at the proposal, because everyone is looking for something different. You don’t want to miss the smaller details. 

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