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  • AB 214 Live! Essential Elements: Water and Price

    Water is something most Americans take for granted, but it’s a precious commodity around the world. Grant Page, the Founder and President of Magna Imperio Systems joins Jeffrey for the first half of this episode of All Business Live! Grant talks bout how his time in the military got him thinking about the importance and business of water. Not only does Grant’s company use top technology to treat water and save energy, he’s helping bring useable water to communities that need it around the world. Hear how Grant is on a mission to impact 2 BILLION lives in 180 countries around the world within our children’s lifetime with high recovery water treatment solutions.

    While water is essential for all life, businesses live and die through price. Executives worry about whether they are charging too much or not enough for their product or service. Our second guest helps take the guesswork out of the pricing. Per Sjofors, through his company Atenga Insights uses data to help companies make sure their price is right.

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