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  • AB Replay - Food: Romance vs. Reality With Andrew Zimmern and Peter Shankman

    Today we're replaying one of our recent favorite episodes featuring Andrew Zimmern and Peter Shankman.

    From eating bugs to breaking bread across cultures, our first guest today knows a lot about food. You likely know Andrew Zimmern from his long resume of cable TV shows including Bizarre Foods. Lately Andrew is using his platform to talk about the inequities in our food supply chain. Andrew says there’s an ugly truth that we don’t see in our food delivery system from the fields to the table. Andrew also mentioned the hidden agenda of all his shows and where Jeffrey can find the allusive “Black Lobster” that may not be black at all.  


    Old friend Peter Shankman joins Jeffrey for the second part of the show. Peter is the Futurist-in-Residence at Epic Marketing Consultants Corporation, he’s best known for creating HARO (Help a Reporter Out) a platform to help journalists find expert sources for their stories. Which we find out he sold 10 years ago this month. In this frenetic conversation, Peter and Jeffrey talk candidly about neurodiversity and the gifts of truly thinking different. The men cover marketing, how companies are responding to COVID-19 and BLM, if privacy is a myth in the digital age and even get into dad jokes. Buckle up, these two old friends cover a lot of ground. 

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