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  • AB 278 Live! There's No Politics in Potholes with Paul TenHaken

    Sioux Falls, South Dakota may not be a major city, but it regularly finds itself on several top ten lists. In recent years, several national publications have praised Sioux Falls for its business climate, quality of life, even its happiness. Sioux Falls is also where Jeffrey Hayzlett calls home. Today on All Business, Jeffrey sits down with the “CEO” of Sioux Falls, Mayor Paul TenHaken. Before becoming Mayor, TenHaken ran a successful marketing company and he talks about making the transition from the private sector to public service. The Mayor feels he was called to serve the city, but he admits government work comes with a unique set of challenges. While politics are a part of government, Mayor TenHaken says a big part of his job is putting politics aside and getting things done for the city.

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