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  • AB 282 Live! Unapologetically Ambitious with Shellye Archambeau

    Being big, brash, and bold are used to describe men in the c-suite. Women aren’t afforded the same luxury, according to today’s guest. 

    Shellye Archambeau was the first African-American woman to become CEO of a tech company and Jeffrey and Shellye’s conversation goes beyond the usual successful woman in business story. They cover education, success, and lessons learned from the ground floor as the inspiration behind her new book, “Unapologetically Ambitious: Take Risks, Break Barriers and Create Success on Your Own Terms.” Shellye calls ‘Unapologetically Ambitious’ a handbook for anyone who has aspirations, but don’t know how to achieve their goals. If you dream big and have big goals, listen to this episode of All Business with Jeffrey Hayzlett.

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