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  • AB Replay – True leaders work both sides with Barbara Franklin and Kimberly Roush

    Sometimes you just need to reach out, either across the aisle or to someone else to get things done.


    From Harvard Business School to Capitol Hill, our first guest is a trailblazer. Barbara Franklin served five presidents, most notably as U.S. Secretary of Commerce under President George H.W. Bush. Barbara talked about arriving in Washington in the early 1970s and the women who helped reshape gender roles in government. She also talked about why promoting and championing women is a bipartisan issue and why measuring progress is more than just counting. Barbara also enlightened Jeffrey on an important equal-rights milestone coming up many of us may not know about. 


    Kimberly Roush joins Jeffrey in the second part of the show. She is the founder of All-Star Executive Coaching. While she is a coach herself, Kimberly admits she continues to lean on her coach for advice. In fact, she’s relied on her coach for nearly a quarter of her life. Kimberly is also a big believer in being BIG and explains what that means. Kimberly and Jeffrey also talk about the importance of networking. In fact, Kimberly calls it NETplaying, because she wants to take the work out of it!

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