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  • AB 237 Live! How Tech & Podcasting Can Help Future-Proof Your Business with Tom Edwards and Chris Krimitsos

    Getting your message out there and staying authentic are important at any time, but especially now.

    Brands across all industries are changing their messaging – giving the people what they want. You’ve seen the TV commercials pushing social responsibility in order to adapt to the current situation; however, some did it quicker while others lingered and scrambled to catch up.

    Today’s first guest, Tom Edwards, Technology Evangelist at BlackFin360 and CMO for Tripleclix explains why it’s important for brands to get engaged at a time like this, and the connection between behavior, marketing, and authenticity. Jeffrey and Tom also talk about video games, how tech is changing our lives, and how it could change our environment (not birds and trees) in the not so distant future. 


    Podcasting is a great way to get your message out there and few people know more about podcasting than Chris Krimitsos, founder of Cutting Edge Events. He runs PodFest, one of the country’s largest podcasting conventions. Like many businesses, Chris is pivoting from in-person to online events, while also trying to experiment with the online format. Jeffrey and Chris get into what it takes to start a podcast, why now is a good time to do so, and the biggest mistake podcasters make.


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