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  • AB 249 Live! Disruption Junction: What's Your Function with Tony Hunter and Chad Burmeister

    On this episode of All Business with Jeffrey Hayzlett we follow two different industries sharing one common theme: Disruption.

    Our first guest is involved in one of the most disrupting businesses out there: cannabis. Tony Hunter is the chairman of Revolution Enterprises. Jeffrey and Tony talk about the business, why he started in the business, the unprecentened growth and what the future might hold. Besides the disruption of the cannabis industry, the pair talked about what it will take to get back to work and why you need to listen to your people if your office opens back up. While both Jeffrey and Tony have held many positions in business, there’s one title they both agree is the best one they’ve ever “earned”.

    While Artificial Intelligence can scare some people today’s second guest says it shouldn’t. AI will help you get your “F’s up”. Not that kind of F. Chad Burmeister, the CEO of explains to Jeffrey what the F stands for and you might be surprised. uses AI to help in the sales process. Before you think the robots are out for your job, Chad says humans are necessary, in fact he says human intervention is required to make it all work. Chad also tells Jeffrey how he stays optimistic and why you should too.

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