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  • AB 209 Live! Be a Helper not a Seller with David Meerman Scott and C. Lee Smith

    Now is not the time to be a pushy salesperson, but it is a great time to strengthen your relationships and build your brand.

    Today on All Business Live! Jeffrey speaks with best-selling author and brand builder, David Meerman Scott. David wrote the book how to create rabid fans and says now is the best time to keep your ‘tribe’ engaged, but you’ve got to do it the right way. They discuss the importance of being authentic, and “newsjacking.”

    In the second half of this episode, C. Lee Smith, Founder & CEO of SalesFuel, joins Jeffrey to talk about what salespeople should be doing during this time of uncertainty, how your mindset is the key to success, the right way to advertise right now. They also explore the “walk-around” manager concept and how to implement it, even when your team is apart.


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