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  • AB 370: Case Breaking, Pack Opening, and Blockchaining Trading Cards with Jason Howarth Vice President Marketing for Panini America

    On today's "All Business with Jeffrey Hayzlett" we're talking trading cards. These aren't your father's sports cards. In fact, these aren't even your sports cards. These cards have game-worn jerseys, NFTs, and Prizms in the pack. If you haven't been keeping up with one of the biggest trends of the pandemic, don't worry, Jason Howarth, VP - Marketing for Panini America will catch you up to speed. Jason and Jeffrey talk about why trading cards were pulled off the shelves at Target earlier this year, why sports cards boomed during the peak of the pandemic, and how NFT's fit into the sports card mix. If you used to collect cards as a kid but haven't cracked open a pack in years, this episode will open your eyes (and maybe your wallet).

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