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  • An Entrepreneur’s Guide To Personal Development With J.L. (Jani) Ashmore

    The road to becoming and finding success as an entrepreneur can be quite exhausting. Later on, in the sunset of our careers, we might even fall into a slump. One great way to overcome that is by having that guidance with our personal development. In this episode, Jen Du Plessis sits down with J.L. (Jani) Ashmore—an author, international speaker, and consultant—to talk about the inside job entrepreneurs also need to work on to get unstuck from that place of feeling unfulfilled. She shares with us the areas she collectively calls VALUES that can help us fully live our lives and move closer to our fullest potential. As much as we physically strive to achieve success in each of our businesses, it is important to keep what is within ourselves in check. Get inside this great conversation to realign yourself with your business and more.

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