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  • Stroke Awareness Oregon

    About Stroke Awareness Oregon

    Stroke Awareness Oregon, a non-profit created by physicians, stroke survivors and community members exists ‘to eliminate disability and death from stroke through awareness of causes, symptoms, and treatment, and through recovery support.’ The fifth leading cause of death in Oregon and the greatest source of disability worldwide, stroke is a medical emergency striking over 800,000 people nationwide each year.  Stroke Awareness Oregon is making a difference in stroke outcomes and recovery through these four goals:

    • To educate about stroke causes, prevention and treatment options
    • To make F.A.S.T. a household safety word
    • To support the recovery of stroke survivors and their families
    • To do this work in partnership with the medical community, businesses and the community.

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Stroke Of Genius Podcast

Stroke Of Genius Podcast

A podcast series dedicated to providing actionable insights from stroke survivors, CEOs, and amazing people overcoming adversity in life and business.