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  • The Future of Customer Feedback Featuring Martha Brooke

    Top Takeaways:

    -      In unprecedented, chaotic and uncertain times, customer interactions are more valuable. Treat your customers with respect and dignity and make sure they feel the value in interacting with you.

    -      Beware of survey fatigue! This happens when customers receive too many surveys, become frustrated and start ignoring them.

    -      There are generally four good reasons and ways to use surveys to collect customer feedback:

    1.   Tracking studies utilize data from surveys to help both parties manage their relationship. These are typically used in B2B settings and should operate as a two-way street so both the business and the client receive value.

    2.   Surveys after tech support or other customer service interactions are important so companies can learn how to improve. Ideally, these should also operate as a two-way street so that customers feel their voices are being heard.

    3.   The “get it off your chest” survey collects data on one specific aspect (or “touchpoint”) of an experience. This typically consists of a single question that asks customers to rate their experience on a scale, followed by a more open-ended question about how to improve.

    4.   Surveys can be an opportunity for companies to show appreciation to the customer by compensating them or reimbursing them for their time to complete the survey. This could involve anything from a free gift card to a charitable donation or priority service in exchange for the customer’s feedback.

    -      Consider a customer interview as an alternative to a survey. Customers will speak more freely and may tell you things you never would have thought to ask about. This can be invaluable for improving your CX.

    -      Above all, make sure you do something with customer feedback once you receive it.


    “Customer feedback is always relevant. If you’re not listening to your customers, it’s hard to guide the ship.”


    Martha Brooke is a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) and holds a black belt in Six Sigma. In 2004, Martha founded Interaction Metrics to help clients get more value out of the customer experience they provide.

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