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  • Facial Coding in the Customer Experience Featuring Dan Hill

    Top Takeaways:

    -      Facial coding is not facial recognition, but rather how emotions are displayed on the face.

    -      Facial coding is universal, spontaneous and abundant. In other words, it is a plentiful resource of information that, when properly utilized, can help companies understand their customers and ultimately create a better customer service experience.

    -      Collecting and interpreting data from facial coding can help companies understand whether or not customers are having a good experience and if they will return in future.

    -      The seven different emotions you can get from facial coding are happiness, anger, sadness, surprise, disgust and contempt. The first three are “approach” emotions. Surprise and disgust are reactive emotions. Adverse emotions are disgust and contempt—in other words, customer service killers!

    -      Every point of the customer journey creates an emotional reaction. Make sure each step inspires the right emotions (such as surprise and happiness) to facilitate moving your customers in the direction you want, rather than driving them away.

    -      Customers may not remember all the details of their experience with you, but they will remember the high points—the beginning, the ending and above all, how the interaction made them feel.


    “There are two currencies in business: dollars and emotions.”


    Dan Hill, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized expert on the role of emotions in business, politics, sports and popular culture. He is also the founder of Sensory Logic, a political pundit and the author of multiple bestselling books.

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