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  • Creating Customer Loyalty In a Digital World Featuring Christy Augustine

    Top Takeaways:

    -      Personalization has been and continues to be the big buzzword in the world of customer experience.

    -      In just a matter of a few months, COVID-19 forced businesses 2-3 years into the future of digital commerce and digital customer experiences.

    -      COVID-19 has also affected the way customers shop, especially with grocery stores, which saw a 300% increase in online purchasing over the last year.

    -      Amazon has set the bar for the eCommerce experience. Customers are learning to expect Amazon levels of service and CX from everyone else.

    -      The pandemic has introduced us to an era where customers are buying almost everything they need online.

    -      Success today involves customer acquisition, customer loyalty and continuing the same customer experience so that customers can predict what to expect.

    -      Information and transparency from your business are the keys to creating confidence and building loyalty with your customers.

    -      Companies need to tie technology, algorithms and AI into the experience customers have with human employees instead of sacrificing one for the other.


    “Realize that the customer’s experience with you isn’t just when the customer is on-sight, but all the way through the customer’s journey, from the beginning until they come back the next time.”


    Christy Augustine, Chief Operating Officer at Bloomreach, leads Bloomreach’s efforts to arm customers with the tools and knowledge they need to successfully compete in demanding markets. She is a leading thinker in e-commerce, having been a manager at Bain & Co., focused on technology, retail and strategy.

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