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  • Enjoying the Wilderness Trail with Greg Strauss (Part 1)

    Greg Strauss is a husband, father and senior vice president with AB Biotek a technology-driven company specialising in fermentation science. With 33 years of experience in industry-leading organizations like The Coca-Cola Company and Associated British Foods. Greg’s success leverages broad and deep expertise in sales, marketing, operations, and people management. Tonight we discuss leadership principles that influence consistent results from the boardroom to the frontline. As we enjoy Wilderness Trail Bottled in Bond Bourbon Whiskey.

    From 1991 through 2007, Greg had a successful career with Coca-Cola, enjoying a progression of promotions with a broad base of experience in sales, marketing, operations, finance, and people management.  His last position was Market Unit Vice President with Coca-Cola Enterprises, responsible for managing 6 sales/distribution center managers, each with separate P&L’s, multiple facilities, and over 1,000 employees.

    From 2007 through 2014, Greg was responsible for developing and implementing comprehensive sales, marketing, business development initiatives, bakery technology plans and programs, as well as new ingredient solutions for Fleischmann’s Yeast and AB Mauri Bakery Ingredients. During this time period, he led a team to achieve a compound annual growth rate of +6.5% in a relatively flat baking industry.

    Starting in 2015, Greg launched AB Biotek, a new business unit within AB Mauri North America, by identifying key customer needs, hiring experts from relevant industries, and developing solutions and commercializing products. AB Biotek leverages expertise in Fuel Ethanol, Consumer Alcohol and Nutrition. By the end of 2020 and six years of annual step-change growth, the North American AB Biotek business represented half of the entire business unit’s global profits.

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