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  • Over the Pond with Rowena Wild in Cotswold, England (Part 2)

    This is part 2 of my conversation with Rowena Wild. 

    Rowena is a seasoned and accredited executive coach with over 25 years’ experience at the business front-line. Rowena's proven track record in leadership to drive peak performance, manage change and develop teams from good to great has given her the knowledge, experience and empathy to coach leaders, managers and teams. 

    As Managing Director of a National Estate Agency, with 50 branches, Rowena developed and implemented training and coaching programs to enable peak performance at all levels . She then Established Rowena Wild Associates, a management consultancy which focused on improving people, performance and profitability. She then moved to Germany and USA returning to the UK in 2009.

    Rowena believes that by providing the time and space to explore and challenge thought processes a positive shift in thinking, understanding and behaviors can be achieved. This new clarity of vision, resetting of priorities and invigorating purpose delivers a positive mind-set and clear direction for moving forward and achieving in organizations. 

    Whilst offering a customized approach to specific needs, Rowena offers a values-based approach which means identifying core values and aligning them with corporate values to make sure that they underpin all behaviors, thinking and decision making. This in turn offers improved personal resilience and deeper job satisfaction.

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