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  • Trailer: Welcome to the Parenting With Impact Podcast!

    Welcome to the Parenting With Impact Podcast! As parents, we want nothing more than for our kids to grow up happy and fulfilled... and to ultimately live independent and productive lives! And yet, when life gets complicated, we're not always sure how to help our kids be as successful as they can be. 

    If you have kids who are struggling with life and learning -- or are facing complex challenges like ADHD, anxiety, depression, autism, learning disabilities, or more -- we can help you calmly navigate the choppy waters with confidence. 

    We're Elaine & Diane, founders of the world’s largest, most innovative virtual coaching and training resource for parents of complex kids. We understand where you're coming from because, between our two families, we're also the moms of six complex kids, who are now young adults. In the Parenting with Impact podcast, we'll have important conversations that guide you to empower your children, teens or young adults to reach their full, extraordinary potential.

    On the show, we'll dive into the themes and issues we notice in our coaching practice with parents from all over the world. We’ll interview experts who share their wisdom on raising complex kids; help you figure out how to implement strategies, so you can parent from a position of confidence; and we’ll even do a little on-air coaching to help you with problem-solving. 

    Join us every week and learn how to be the parent your kid needs you to be. We won't tell you WHAT to do, we'll help you figure out HOW to do it -- so you can enjoy the ride of raising complex kids, one conversation at a time.

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Parenting with Impact

Parenting with Impact

The Parenting with Impact Podcast with Elaine and Diane informs and inspires parents all over the world guiding complex kids to become capable, independent adults. is... Read More