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  • Building Your Name with a Book with Josh Coats

    Building Your Name With a Book

    – Publish. Promote. Profit. with Rob Kosberg Episode 012 Josh Coats

    Josh Coats joined the John Maxwell Team and spent eight hours per day listening to every training he could get my hands on while detailing cars for a living. In his first year he only made $500, and that's one of the reasons he’s so passionate about helping others.

    In year two he made $48k part time, quit his job, and helped his first person to hit Top 10 in their company. Since then he has gone onto build a multi-million dollar business, helping five people in two different companies go top 10, training tens of thousands in his online courses, and releasing a #1 Best Selling leadership book. 

    Listen to this informative Publish Promote Profit episode with Josh Coats about building up your name with a book.

    Here are some of the beneficial topics covered on this week’s show:

    How many leaders think they need help with their leadership skills.

    How any type of person can be an inspirational leader if they don’t give into limiting beliefs.

    Why thinking you’re not a leader makes you avoid the things that make you a good leader.

    Why being a celebrity doesn’t make people good leaders, character does.

    How people will become good leaders if they figure out what they really want and go for it

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