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  • Why Your Business Isn't Increasing

    Writing a best-selling book is an incredible feat!

    But it’s just the beginning. You can now expand your business by getting PR and media with your best-selling book.

    So how can you do that?

    In this post, we detail three simple steps to getting PR and media with your book.

    Why Do You Want Media and PR?

    Before digging into the steps for getting PR and media, it’s important you understand why this is something you want.


    PR and media are crucial strategies for growing your business. The content of your book is likely well suited for mass media. Leverage your book to get on media, and you will reach more potential clients. You can use PR and media to get your book into the hands of your target audience and to start the conversation it takes to gain clients.

    3 Steps to Use Your Book to Get You on Media

    Hook the Producer by Hooking His/Her Audience

    Mass media producers are interested in what his or her audience is interested in. Show the producer your value by demonstrating that the audience will eat up the topic. Often times, you must broaden your message to do this.

    Get the Book in Your Producer’s Hands

    There’s a couple of ways to do this. Firstly, you can send a digital version or PDF of your book. Ideally, send the actual physical version of the book. The higher profile the media, the more important it is to get the physical book into the hands of the decision-maker. You can start by sending the PDF version and offering to send the physical copy if they provide an email address. (by the way, that’s a very effective way to get someone to respond). This is absolutely critical for mass media.

    But guess what?

    If you want speaking engagements, you must find a way to get your book in the hands of the person making the decision.

    Schedule a Phone Call

    Use the credibility and authority from your book and the hook you created to get on a call. Focus on closing the phone call. Once you get on the phone, it will be much easier to close the deal for the media appearance.

    So that’s it!

    Hook the producer, send your book, and schedule a call.

    But wait, what if you don’t get any response?

    Try leading with a giving hand and offer to ship the book. If you still don’t hear back, send more pieces of authority like TV clips you were in, magazine features, etc.

    Not everyone will respond, and that’s okay. All you need is some percentage of media to respond to you. This will create a momentum where people start coming to you for features, and it all starts with you building credibility, hooking your audience, and forming relationships.


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